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About Joseph Eliezer

Joseph Eliezer provides warm and gentle counselling support to people living in the Vancouver BC area.

With over 14 years of experience, Joseph helps adult individuals transform

  • chaos into stability
  • confusion into clarity
  • depression into joy    
  • suffering into peace of mind

Joseph Eliezer is the only member of the ACCT who holds the Guest Member status with the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society - Western Branch, and he is the author of the well received book Simply Spirit: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Clarity, One Insight at a Time.

For more information, call Joseph today at (604) 739-3010. Online sessions are also available.







Substance Addiction (Drug/Alcohol) Computer / Internet Addiction Porn Addiction
Sex Addiction Food Addiction Gambling Addiction
Lying addiction Divorce Living with Disabilities / Medical Conditions
Men's Issues Women's Issues Sexuality
Co-Dependency Communication Adultery/Infidelity
Love/Sexual Intimacy Dating Separation
Anxiety Anger Management Panic
Personality Issues Fears / Phobias Self-Esteem
Trust Issues Stress Management Self-Harm
Control Issues Boundaries OCD / Impulse Control
Depression Somatic Experiencing Spiritual Inquiry
Essential Maturation of the Soul (psychological & spiritual growth) Abuse by spiritual guide or leader Spirituality (General) Counselling
Meditative Jewish Christian Counselling
Mindfulness & Presence Grief and Loss Divorce
Couple to Single or Single to Couple Life Sudden Loss Job Loss
Retirement Midlife Transition Transitions Counselling
Abortion / Post Abortion Separation Child Abuse
Abandonment Neglect Emotional Abuse
Molestation Survivor Issues Rape / Incest Survivor Issues Elder Abuse

Types of Therapy Offered

Person - Centered (Rogerian) Object Relations Narrative Therapy
Reality Therapy Integrative Mindfulness
Solution Focused Brief Therapy Spiritual Therapy Social Learning / Modeling Therapy
Interpersonal Psychotherapy Christian Therapy Transpersonal
Short Term Long Term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Existential Therapy

Types of Clients Seen

Men Women Seniors
Adults All Ages LGBTQ2T

Languages Spoken


Treatment Approach :

Joseph Eliezer specializes in process-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy, which looks to explore the reasons behind your unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours.    

As you work with Joseph, you will experience a lessoning of inner-tension, greater ease and self understanding, increased clarity, and the freedom to make more life-affirming decisions.

The ability to live your life more authenticity, to face and withstand challenges as they occur, and to experience deeper intimacy in your relationships with self and others are some of the many hallmarks of successful therapy.   

Call Joseph at (604) 739-3010 today to see if his service is right for you.

Joseph Eliezer , RTC, MTC, RCS

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