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About Shelley Klammer

Emotion Focused Therapy We all suffer with emotional pain to some degree. I compassionately support people to feel better emotionally, discover the roots of life's troubling dilemmas, handle life crises with fresh inspiration, and find new life purpose and meaning.

Emotion-focused therapy offers the practices of mindful somatic attention, self-loving ways to process emotional pain, inspiring goal setting, and innovative self-expression and creative wellness practices, as well as inspiring tools for cognitive and emotional re-patterning. 

Unlike cognitive-behavioural therapy, which provides effective short-term coping skills, emotion focused therapy is a relational process that supports you to accept, express, regulate, make sense of, and transform your emotions.

I offer compassionate one-to-one talk therapy by phone and Skype worldwide and locally in my therapy office in Nelson BC that will help you get to the truth of what is blocking you from living a happy, successful and meaningful life.

I also welcome you to visit my teaching portal at Expressive Art Workshops and my therapy website at to learn more about my offerings.

Supervision: I also offer supervision for new counsellors. As a Counselling Supervisor I specialize in supporting new counsellors to discover, refine and prosper their authentic offering when first setting up a private practice. 






Career Development or Change Professional Burnout Workplace Conflict
Spiritual Inquiry Essential Maturation of the Soul (psychological & spiritual growth) Meditative
Mindfulness & Presence Grief and Loss Job Loss
Midlife Transition Transitions Counselling Abortion / Post Abortion
Child Abuse Abandonment Neglect
Emotional Abuse Molestation Survivor Issues Rape / Incest Survivor Issues
Elder Abuse Domestic Violence PTSD

Types of Therapy Offered

Expressive Arts Therapy Person - Centered (Rogerian) Narrative Therapy
Jungian Psychoanalysis Integrative Mindfulness
Systems Theory Spiritual Therapy Transpersonal
Art Therapy Gestalt Therapy Family Systems Therapy

Types of Clients Seen

Men Women Young Adults/Teens
Children Adults LGBTQ2T

Treatment Approach :

Whether you are new to therapy or are a seasoned inner-journeyer, if you long to understand and resolve the anxiety, depression, shame, self-rejection, loss and grief that interferes with your relationships, happiness, success and life purpose, I invite you to contact me.


Shelley Klammer

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